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Spooky Season, Spooky Shit: The Spookening

It's Spooky Season, bitches! In honor of Halloween we decided to use this episode to fuck around, errrr, record some true scary stories including everything from witches hating Muzak executives to EVPs that will make your butt clench up.
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Welcome to Season Two! We wanted to start it off with some fun scary stories to celebrate the Halloween season. Jolie has always been into horror and freaking herself out, so we’re gonna start this off proper with a ghost story she wrote when she was eight-years-old. Are you ready? Let’s get spoopy. 

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THE Night Ghost: Scary Story by 8-year-old Jolie

Author’s note: It took a lot of self-control not to correct the grammar and spelling issues while typing this out.

Once we moved into a house to get away from the evil spirit of my father Joseph Lanenberg. He would hit me when I was younger.  He killed himself because of his childhood.  When we moved into the house all seemed normal we didn’t see any thing at night. All  seemed well, until  one day, as we were washing the dishes we saw  a black form of a woman weeping. At first we thought it was just a shadow. But then I woke up in the middle  of the night to get a glass of milk and I heard crying and something said “Help me! Please! You can’t keep me in here!” After I discoverd it was coming from the basement I decided to see what is was. When I went to the basement I saw her. Her face was crimpled up a she started to move toward me.  I ran into my moms room as fast as I could.  I told her what happened but she said it was only my imagination.  Then I said, “But I heard someone hurting. Then I  saw her she had a black face and everything. It couldn’t have been my imagination. My mom decided to move but as we did she found out we couldn’t get rid of it. 


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Christopher Case: Death by Witch

On the morning of April 18th, 1991, police arrived to a strange scene during a wellness check on Muzak executive Christopher Case. While walking through his Seattle, WA apartment, they noted lines of salt across all thresholds with some salt piles in corners, crucifixes and candles everywhere, religious music playing, and many books on the occult. There was no sign of Christopher until they entered the bathroom. He was found fully clothed in the empty tub, on his knees in a position of prayer with his head leaning against the wall in front of him, and some sources state he was surrounded by more candles.He had died of an acute case of myocarditis.The scene itself is strange enough, but knowing what led to his death leads many to think he died from a paranormal attack.

Christopher grew up in Richmond, Virginia, making a career for himself initially as a radio DJ and then moving to Seattle in his early thirties to pursue a career as an executive for the then popular company Muzak. His work as the Director of Programming had him on the road quite a bit which meant that when he was back in Washington, he was a homebody, preferring listening to music in his apartment or working out in the gym to clubs and social outings. He was a fitness fanatic, spending a lot of time at the gym and supplementing his diet with vitamins to stay healthy. That’s not to say he didn’t have friends, though. Most regarded him as a balanced and kind person, responsible in work and his personal life, and he maintained his long distance friendships while making new ones in both work and his new city. During the investigation into his death, neighbors spoke of him as a quiet, responsible man who never bothered anyone and didn’t seem to have anyone bother him.


There are mixed reports on the dates of the events that led to Case’s death, but what we know is that it all began with a business trip to San Francisco, California. The most commonly reported timeline has him taking that trip the week before his death on April 11th, so that’s what we’re gonna go with here. It is reported that while in San Francisco for a music industry conference he had a run in with a mysterious woman who set this chain of events into motion.

Anyone who has attended conferences knows that there is a lot of downtime, Christopher used this downtime to network and chill. A colleague introduced him to a woman who, although twenty years his senior, was attractive, personable, and shared an interest in ancient music. She was an expert on Ancient Egyptian music and they spent a few dinners together taking about their shared interests. It became clear to Christopher that she was interested in pursuing a physical relationship with him and he played the “gentleman” card for a while before he had to bluntly express that he just didn’t want that with her. She apparently became cold and stated something to the effect of “you’re going to regret this. I’m a witch and I predict you aren’t going to survive the week.” Christopher was a levelheaded dude, so he didn’t put much stock in it beyond relaying the strange events to his friends and colleagues and laughing it off as “whoa, dodged a bullet.”

He returned home and for a day or so things were pretty normal. On April 14th, Christopher’s friend Sammye received a frantic phone call in which he described being attacked by an unseen force. He spoke of being strangled and finding strange cuts on his fingers and blood on his sheets. She was a professional psychic and familiar with the occult and determined that his experience with the self-proclaimed witch in combination with his experiences meant he was under attack. She recommended that he find an occult shop to acquire information, candles, and recommendations on what to do to protect himself.

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Christopher found a store and began scooping up candles, books, and crucifixes. His frazzled appearance worried the shop owner who inquired about his purchase. Christopher told him the story of the witch and the subsequent “attacks” and the owner recommended some things for him to try and told him he could always come back for help if his troubles continued.

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His friends stated that he made multiple calls to them over the following days, one of which prompted a wellness check in which the police found he was not home and the door was locked. There wasn’t any reason to believe there was something wrong, so the police reported back that, although they couldn’t contact him, nothing seemed amiss. Friends and colleagues spoke of his worsening mental state and his belief that something in his apartment was attacking him. He began spending some nights in a nearby hotel as he felt unsafe in his home.

On the morning of April 17th, Sammye received her last call from Christopher, who left a message on her answering machine stating that the entity almost killed him earlier and that he was certain it was his last day on earth. Two other people received calls from him that day, a Catholic priest and the previously mentioned shop owner.

Regardless of Christopher’s efforts to follow the recommendations of the priest and shop owner, he died in the early morning hours of April 18th. He was discovered after his company called for a wellness check as he had missed a couple of days of work which was not normal for him. While an autopsy found no sign of foul play, his friends believed he died due to supernatural attacks. Many people believe that he likely already had an undiagnosed heart problem and his heavy use of supplements which were unregulated at the time could easily exacerbate that problem.



Five Siblings - Jezebel Scary Stories

Original Story By RaggaeJunkyJew

About 4 years ago, my boyfriend and I moved into a duplex just outside the city. The first day I was all alone in the house, I started thinking that I was seeing things out of the corner of my eye. Flashes of lights and shadows. I never ever had that sensation at my old place. It happens from time to time, but not this often.

It was like every 10 minutes that I was turning around looking for something or someone behind me. When my boyfriend got home that night I asked him if he was experiencing the same thing. He told me no, and that I was being dramatic. He remained a skeptic until a few weeks later.

The day after Halloween, boyfriend, our cat, and myself were in the kitchen and we heard a huge BANG. One of the night tables in the bedroom had fallen over. It had fallen over face first. The lamp was on the floor about 6 feet away, unplugged from the socket.I usually work from home, so the following work week I was home alone with the cat all day.

I would hear strange bangs, dishes shifting in the kitchen, and knocks on the walls. The lights in the bathroom went out and we had to rewire them. I don’t know how any of that shit works, but my boyfriend was very confused as to why they all went out at once. Even HE said it was weird. One time the TV turned itself on at full volume in the middle of the night.

The cat’s litter box is in the basement but he REFUSED to go down there. He would just crap and piss on the floor upstairs. One time I tried to carry him downstairs and he panicked, started squirming and crying and clawing at me to put him down so he could run back upstairs.

My boyfriend’s sister brought her new dog over one Saturday afternoon. He’s a total sweetheart. We’re chilling in the basement when the dog starts growling and barking at a corner. “I’ve never heard him do that before.”

In early November, I took a silly photo of my boyfriend wearing a Snuggie in the basement.


Spot the face? 

In late November, I’m lying in bed, trying to fall asleep. My boyfriend is passed out. All of a sudden I hear him shudder. A deep, almost violent, involuntary shudder. He’s propped up in bed, eyes wide open, looking straight out our bedroom door. He tells me he just had a dream where he was lying in bed looking out the bedroom door when a blonde woman in her early 30’s walked by our door down the hallway. Then she turned back and stood in front of our door, and looked right at him. She didn’t look happy. Then he woke up. 

That was the last incident we ever experienced in our house.Here’s the kicker: my landlord’s bought the house in 1955 and raised a large family there. They told us they had 5 children. They’re well into their 80s now and they’re very lovely people, however we mostly deal with their youngest daughter when it comes to repairs, etc. She once mentioned that she had 3 siblings.

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I think one may have passed away in the house and was unsettled by our new presence.

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Music for a Rainy Day

From a comment on this thread posted by r/Unlikelylikelyhood

August 16th 2008 my friend Kelsey died in a horrible river rafting accident. She was a beautiful wonderful bright light of a person who died at the young age of 23.

Anyways, prior to her leaving on her rafting trip, her and I had bought tickets to the upcoming Radiohead concert on August 19th in Vancouver. She and I shared our love for Radiohead, and a few friends of ours were going to attend with us.

Just before she left to go to her rafting trip, she and I were talking “Hey, what song would you want Radiohead to play, that you know they won’t play?”. Her answer was “Just” which is a song from the mid 1990’s that was not ever in their set list anymore. I also asked her “what makes you like Radiohead so much?” And she said “Radiohead is Music for a rainy day”.

On August 19th, 3 days after her death, we still attended the concert because we felt it was something that she would have wanted us to do. We were all in the grips of grief and I didn’t really have the spirit to go… but I went anyways. We never gave her ticket to anyone, and we had the ticket torn at the gate because “she was coming with us”.

It was a dry summer day, and 3/4’s of the way through an absolutely awesome show, Thom Yorke looks up at the sky and says “Looks like we might get some of that famous Vancouver rain, let’s play something for a rainy day, haven’t played this in a while so bear with us” (or something close to that effect)

On comes JUST. A song they hadn’t played live in forever. “Music for a rainy day” … it then proceeded to DOWNPOUR for the next several hours… more rain than I’ve ever seen in August in Vancouver. The streets were flooded and everyone at the outdoor show was completely soaked with warm summer rain.

She came to that show with us that day, she made it rain, and I’ll never forget it. RIP Kelsey, you are sorely missed.



From a comment on this thread from r/trenchknife

Someone in a similar post mentioned an old saying that we all have doppelgangers, & if you see each other, one of you must die.

This was like 10 years after my doppelganger & I saw each other on our bicycles. At a red light, a bike pulls up, we glance at each other, both do huge double-takes, & I realized why friends sometimes said they saw me way across town on a different bike. We weren’t twins – but we were the same size, approximate age, dressed almost identically, looked like maybe cousins, and would easily match each other in a police description. Same black helmets.

Couple months after I saw him, my coworker phoned me in a tizzy, shocked that I sounded okay. Apparently she was looking at me, and I was right out front of where I worked (it was my day off). I was out front in the road, along with my bicycle, squashed under a delivery truck, with people trying to rescue me & she had been certain that I was dogfood.

Ten years later, reddit explains that this is just the normal physics of the supernatural, nothing to worry about unless you are the doppelganger who gets smeared.

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Android for Sleep

Original Story Posted by u/Redwantsblue80

I use an app called “Sleep As Android” to improve my sleep. One of the features is that it records your night time noises – snoring, sleep talk, cover ruffles, coughing etc. I’ve been using the app since October 1 of 2013. I’ve never caught anything other than sounds created by me changing positions or coughing or something like that (although I’ve been told several times I talk in my sleep by other people).

On 12/30 at 2:04 am I caught something VERY weird. To set up: This night I was sleeping in my bed – my 3 year old was with me that night as he is scared of the dark. It was just the two of us in the whole house. The next night I decided to go through and delete my recordings and saw this particular record. In it, you can here some clicks that start to get louder over the course of the recording. Eventually you can hear me say “What are you doing??” and immediately after there is a deep voice that says “Nothing”. The clicks become very loud at that point and at the very end of the recording you hear the same voice say “That’s them” (I think?).

I am pretty creeped out by this. I don’t remember being awake that night. The only plausible explanation is that I answered my own sleeping talking but the voice doesn’t even sound like me or something I could emulate. It definitely doesn’t sound like a voice my preschooler could emulate, either. I have no idea what the clicks could be. I keep a fan going at night for white noise but the clicks sounds like they’re coming from right near my phone (which is placed right by me on my bedside table). I want to say that I’ve picked up the clicks a few times on recordings before but deleted them thinking it was nothing – this is the first time I’ve ever heard anything, though.

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space: nowrap; text-overflow: ellipsis; font-family: Interstate,Lucida Grande,Lucida Sans Unicode,Lucida Sans,Garuda,Verdana,Tahoma,sans-serif; font-weight: 100;">DonnieMarco · Redwantsblue8 Night Time Phone Audio

Original audio. I would LOVE some debunking here. I like creepy stuff but certainly NOT in my own home.

Edit #1 Sleep graph showing the type of sleep I was in when the noise recorded Screenshot showing the time and date of the recording

Edit #2 /u/Blackwaterproject was kind enough to [Linked removed – see update #7). The part at the end is especially enhanced as well as the “clicking” sounds. After listening to it cleaned up, I’m pretty sure I hear my name at the end (Jenny). Others have said they hear “I’m Danny” or “I’m dead” or “That’s them”.

Edit #4 This post was linked to r/Creepy (thanks!) and just so there’s an update for people wondering how this turned out: I have caught no more voice recordings since then. Also, as suggested by several people, I’ve beefed up my home security, changed locks, that kind of thing. This happened 4 months ago. Since then, I have had no more weird voice recordings BUT there were one or 2 more instances of the clicking noise waking me up at night.

During one of the times that it woke me up, I sat up and tried to hear where the sound was coming from (even though I was pretty scared). The sound seemed to be coming from the area of my fan )about 12 feet away from my bed) but the closer I got, it started to fade away. When I got to my fan, it wasn’t coming from my fan at all that I could tell and it just stopped. Very weird. Also, I took someone elses advice and walked through my house shortly after the final clicking and asked that whatever it was to please leave my house and that my son and I were scared. I felt like a complete ding dong doing that, though, but I was up for trying about anything. I’d say nothing weird has happened for about 3 months now. I am completely fine with that. This experience really messed with me for awhile.

Edit #6: This post was linked in a thread ( and is getting some attention. I have people messaging me for an update or wanting to know if me and my son are ok (thank you!). This event scared the bejesus out of me.

I still use the app but only for sleep monitoring purposes – I never listen to the recordings and therefore there has been no updates I can offer. With the latest attention, I did have a redditor kind enough to offer his professionalism to state that they did not think the 2nd voice was me (and therefore, the theory of the 2nd voice being me sleep talking is less likely to be true). They PM’d me so I will not disclose their name unless I get permission. I am hoping to work with this person further to definitively rule out that the voice was not my own (I’m honestly sick of hearing it – because I know what I can’t and can do with my own voice and I know what my child sounds like).

Any way, here is a clip of his/her message: 10/17/2014: “The other person in the recording definitely isn’t you talking to yourself, nor is it your son. Your voice’s pitch in the question “what are you doing?” is around 265Hz (C4 in musical notes) and the answerer’s voice seems to be around 95Hz (F#2). That is relatively low voice for even a man. Unfortunately the recording seems to have clipped a lot of the lower frequencies, which makes it seem like the “man’s” voice is around 190Hz. But there’s a little hint of the 90Hz tone left, and judging by the upper frequencies and some test recordings of my own voice (I’m a man) it definitely seems and sounds like a man to me. If I had a recording of you talking normally and then trying to make a really low voice I could definitely tell if my theory is true”.

Since this thread has been archived, I may create a new one so that people can discuss (instead of sending messages), but I’m unsure of where to put it (I was unsure where it belonged 9 months ago but I did know I wanted to place it in a sub where it wouldn’t garner a ton of attention). If a new thread is created, I will link it or just end up updating this one, even though it’s been archived. This happened a long time ago. It was pretty traumatizing for me. I don’t think I will ever know what the hell happened that night but I am now 100% certain that the voice was not mine or my child’s. Thanks for your concern, everyone! Sorry this post has stayed with many of you in a negative way.

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