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emma, co-host of the i read a thing podcast
jolie, co-host of the i read a thing podcast

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emma and jolie met and bonded over their ornery toddlers at a library story time and quickly developed a habit of sharing their random internet deep dives. over the years, they have shared their favorite podcasts and soon the idea of starting a podcast became a common point of conversation.

they have vastly different research styles, personalities, and quirks that make them a fun duo. there’s no off-limit topics, no jokes too crass or weird, and they are comfortable enough with each other and themselves to be real, even when real is ugly.

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love letters, hate mail, diary entries from your adolescence talking about how unfair your parents are, ghost stories … we want it all.  feel free to recommend story ideas, add to our knowledge about previous subjects, or send us photos of your pets. 

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