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Human Design, Baby Raves and Telepathic Podcasting

In the future we will communicate through telepathy, have baby raves, and re-enact the hit Hollywood movie "The Craft" in the weirdest way possible. Get ready for the confusing world of neutrinos, Human Design, and alien mission statements from space.
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gem loves the weird and woo topics and has a relaxed and fun approach to note-taking.

What is Human Design?

Human design is basically the love child of astrology and Meyers Briggs. Using your birth date, time and location, your Human Design chart – what’s called a Bodygraph – will tell you who you are, what you do best and how to successfully live your life. It’s a way to fully comprehend your TrUe SeLf.

The idea is that when you live life by your “code”, you’ll feel a comfort and security in who you are and stop wasting your time with pursuits that aren’t meant for you. 

The Bodygraph is created using a combo of The I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics. It’s actually super complicated and confusing to understand, like WAY more complicated than I had initially imagined. 

Here’s mine!

Screen Shot 2020 05 09 at 2.52.30 PM
YA.I don't really get it either.

How to read your chart.



About 70 percent of the population. They are the life force of the planet – the builders. They have a defined sacral center and an aura that pulls life to them. Their Strategy is to respond, as opposed to initiate. It’s a sacral response that lets them know if they are available to give their energy to something or not. When Generators initiate from a mental place (instead of waiting for this response), they can end up feeling really shitty, rather than regenerated and satisfied in their life and work.


About 9 percent of the population (and I’m part of the 9%. Im rare AF!). As natural initiators, their Strategy is to inform those around them of their decisions before they take action. Manifestors have closed, repelling auras that can make others feel off balance. When a Manifestor shares with others, this naturally relaxes those around them and removes energetic resistance. When they are moving through life without informing others, Manifestors can end up feeling angry as a result of the resistance they experience. I feel that.

Manifesting Generators

About 33% of the world’s population. Manifesting Generators have to wait for something to respond to before they leap into action. This is, in essence, like waiting for a “sign” or a signal that the timing is right before taking action. Manifesting Generators have a deep inner awareness that “pulses” on or off.

A Manifesting Generator is uniquely capable of getting more things done than most and for a long period of time.If they choose not to respond, they run the risk of being very busy doing nothing. They often have a tendency of skipping important steps and frequently having to go back and correct themselves.


About 1 percent of the population. A reflector is someone who has all open centers. Their auras sample the energy around them and reflect them back. The way in which Reflectors process experience is very different from the other types. Because their chemistry magnifies everything and everyone, Reflectors have the potential to see what is happening in a way that no one else can. Because they feel other’s energies, they need to be careful with what they identify with, because they could end up mirroring negativity.


About 20 percent of the population. Their Strategy is to wait for recognition and invitation. They have a focused and penetrating aura and can see deeply into others. They need to feel seen and appreciated because when they do, they’re other’s most gifted guides.  If Projectors are focusing on the wrong people and have not been really recognized, this can lead to exhaustion and bitterness. Projectors need to learn to be very picky about where they put their energy. They are natural at mastering systems, and when they use their energy correctly, will experience success in their life and relationships.


Each type has its strategy, which if followed correctly can create flow in your life. If you don’t follow your strategy, you may experience your Not-Self, which are uncomfortable emotions.

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Our authority determines how we should be making decisions in our lives. There are seven authorities:

  • From Inside the body

    • Sacral

    • Emotional/Solar Plexus

    • Splenic

    • Ego/heart

    • Self/Identity/G

  • From outside the body

    • Environment

    • Moon/Lunar

Your authority is the language your body uses to communicate. In our society, we believe our decisions come from the mind – but we’re wrong! Our mind is a tool that we can use to evaluate and research, but our body sends us signals that we should listen to – like the phrase “gut feeling”.

Incarnation Cross

This is your life’s purpose!

“The Incarnation Cross, in combination with the Profile, is what ultimately defines our purpose on Earth. There are 192 basic Incarnation Crosses in the Human Design System, each derived from a combination of the themes of our Sun and Earth positions. Together, they form the whole of our human experience.

Your Incarnation Cross is will slowly emerge over time as you live in unison with your individualized nature and culminates in the full expression of your potential. It usually comes into play around the Uranus opposition, age 38-42, when you have planted a solid foundation and have a clear direction. It is in that sense the essence of your purpose through which you can leave your mark on the world.” 

Jovian Archive


Each center represents apart of your personality / subconscious.

  • Head: Inspiration, Mental Pressure, Doubt, Confusion, and Questions

  • Ajna: Thoughts, Answers, Opinions, Insights, Ideas, and Conceptualizing

  • Throat: Communication, Manifestation, Materialization, Contact with the Exterior Worlds, Outlet for Energy and Expression, Speaking and Doing

  • G: Identity, Love, and Direction

  • Heart: Willpower, Egoism and the Material World, and Self Worth

  • Sacral: Vital Energy, Life Force, Generator Motor, Response, Availability, Sexuality (and Fertility)

  • Solar Plexus: Emotional and Nervous System, Emotional Wave, Moods, Feelings, Emotions, Desires, Passion, Romance, Sex drive, and Food

  • Spleen: Basic (Natural) Fears, Well-Being, Immune System, Intuition, Instincts, Survival

  • Root: Drive, Ambition, Stress, Adrenaline, Worry and potential Depression

The colored centers in your chart are defined/closed/fixed which means the energy is consistent. The white centers are where you’re susceptible to taking on energy from the outside world, also known as learned conditioning.

Gates and channels. The gates are the numbers within each center and the channels are the lines that connect the centers.

Gates connected to a white/open center are active gates. They “turn on” like a light switch, when you are around someone with that defined center.



So where did this stuff come from anyway?

Screen Shot 2020 05 10 at 10.08.25 AM

A Brief History

Ru Uru Hu, formally Alan (Robert) Krakower was born in Montreal, Canada on April 9, 1948. In 1983, he left Canada to travel, eventually finding his way to the island of Ibiza, where he spent years working as a school teacher. In January 1987, he had an unusual mystical experience followed by an encounter with “a Voice,” an intelligence far superior to anything he had ever experienced. This encounter lasted for eight days and nights during which he received a transmission of information—what is known today as the “Human Design System.”

In 1989, after his encounter with the Voice, Ra Uru Hu wrote the Rave I’Ching, the foundation upon which Human Design rests and the key to unlocking the code of our genetics. As the oldest of the Chinese classic texts, the I’Ching, or Book of Changes, is an ancient divination tool used for over three thousand years.

Source: Jovian Archive

Asymmetrex neutrinos count stem cells


Neutrinos!!! These are suuuuper tiny particles that travel from space to the Earth all day every day, forever and ever until the end of time.  Our Sun produces about 70 percent of all neutrinos that travel through our solar system, with the remaining 30 percent emitted by other stars in our Galaxy, and a small amount from the planet Jupiter. This has been proven by actual science – both that they exist and have mass, even though its crazy small mass. Human Design sees this evidence as proof of their theory.

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Since Neutrinos have an infinitesimally small amount of mass, as the stream passes through us it leaves information. It is a stream of information, and within each of us exist particles that connect us to the stream. At the moment of birth, we are imprinted by the information carried by the neutrino stream via the planets. This imprint is reflected within your Human Design Chart, and determines your particular Design. 


2027: the great mutation

The neutrino information that we get from the stars provides programming not only for who we are, but also for our evolution. Ra Uru Hu called this the Global Consciousness Program, aka Global Cycles, for which there is data from approximately 16000 BC to 3600 AD.

As the neutrino stream passes through the orbiting planets of the solar system, they pick up a frequency resonance that we can recognize as the transit field, or what is commonly called The Program: A.K.A The MATRIX – The Veil

  • The global orchestration directory
  • The Macro-mechanism filtering and orchestrating the neutrino ocean
  • Can be understood through the Wheel
  • 64 hexagrams, FOUR Quarters, The center, The Camel, The dog, Four Corners, 16 faces
  • A non-living entity, mechanism that controls the cycles
  • Driving and orchestrating the mutations of our forms Some have referred to as God, Source, Brahma, the Godhead,
  • Our greatest educator (Transits through the codes)
  • Uses the planets and specific stars that generate and filter neutrinos in a specific order down the fractal, which eventually gets filtered through our vehicles
  • Those unaware of the program are puppeted by it (asleep) SHEEPS AMIRITE?

To summarize: Each planet moves through each Gate of the Rave Wheel, and influences life on planet Earth. observation of The Program brings an understanding of the conditioning taking place within and around them.

So now here we are. The wheel is spinning and in 2027 we will enter a new program.

2027 Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix, or as Ra likes to call it, the cycle of the individual. Right now, we are in the Cross of planning which began in 1615. The Cross of Planning Cycle influenced humanity to work together in a way it had never done before. It is where our modern democracy was born, charitable organizations like UNICEF, etc. As we approach 2027, Everything we take for granted—from governmental structures to the support mechanisms of our communities will begin to disintegrate.

As we get closer to that date, we will start to feel it (ahem coronavirus).

According to the website, the solar plexus mutation IS coming (which is also the great mutation of 2027 aka the cross of the sleeping phoenix) , and we may already be feeling it now.

Symptoms: Food Sensitivities, Digestive Issues, sleep Disturbances, heightened sensitivity, crowd phobias, tinnitus, extreme emotional mood swings, feelings of despair and hopelessness, sudden onset feelings of compassion for humanity, feeling out of control, heart palpitations, energy surges, low tolerance for lies, intuitive messages and downloads, spontaneous release of memories, memory problems, old ways aren’t working anymore, global warming, economy crashes, societal uprisings, me too movements, government greed, etc…ALL SYMPTOMS OF THE UPCOMING SELF SENSORY SYSTEM.


The knowledge is here in order to be able to protect humanity as it moves forward into this next cycle. The Sleeping Phoenix cycle is one in which both death and resurrection are a possibility. It is very individuated as opposed to being deeply tribal and it is going to take away the dependency on the authorities that the Cross of Planning cycle has imposed on the homogenized world.

The homogenized world survives through the acceptance of and the reliance on and the dependence on all of these authorities. That the food is going to be in supermarkets, that the trains are going to run on time and again and again, all of these various things that make it possible for us to survive on this plane.

The fact is that the authorities we have submitted to during the Cross of Planning are no longer going to be supported by the background frequency. They’re simply not. It means that the only way one is really going to flourish, and flourish is really the word, as we move into this new age is that they’re going to be able to do so only by their own authority. It is the fundamental foundation of Human Design Strategy and Authority to be able to find within oneself the differentiated decision making truth that is going to provide you with a reliable way to navigate on this plane regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the conditioning, regardless of the background frequency.

So, the responsibility is not so much to the adults; adults today are going to be quite aged as we move forward into the next cycle. The reality is that it's for children. It’s for the children who are coming into the world now. It is for the children who are going to be born once we go beyond 2027. It is the most important education they are going to receive, an education that is going to give them the foundation to be able to survive with integrity in a world that is no longer going to provide them with infrastructures that are going to protect them.

It’s my great concern and always has been for my own children that they are equipped, that they know how to navigate on this plane, that they know how to navigate as themselves, that they have their own true inner authority, because if we are educating our children as they are being educated in the homogenized world that they can find authority elsewhere, that they can find authority in others, that in fact all of that is crumbling and they're going to be lost. They’re truly going to be lost when they enter into what is this coming age.

And it’s not just about what's around the corner, 2027, it’s what’s going to take place over the next 400 years or so. This cycle that we're going to enter into in 2027 is a cycle that is going to last over 400 years. It is about the children who are going to enter into the world and incarnate on this plane and who are going to have the right to be able to navigate on this plane successfully and to be able to do so in a way that is healthy, in a way in which they themselves are healthy. All we can do is provide the outlet for that. Everyone has their own fractal connections in this life. And everyone who's professionally trained in Human Design, there are all these beings who are waiting on that fractal line for the potential of being educated in a way that they can find their own authority and they can provide for the well-being of their young.

Ra Uru Hu

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